We believe in the 'priesthood of all believers,' which simply means that all believers are equal in the community and that everyone is given gifts and talents that are meant to be used for the strengthening of the community, so that we can carry out God’s mission in the world. Our community consists of many individuals who support the mission of the congregation through their gifts.

Council (Elders): Dave Dugan, President; Bernie Olszewski, Vice President; Gail Posey, Secretary; Cheryl Stewart, Treasurer; Sherry Dugan, Asst. Treasurer; Mary Lou Schroeder, Financial Secretary. Council Members: Frank Carra, Dianne Dampman, Pat Lock, Jeff Loux, Barbara Martin, Mike Nye.

Deacons: Deacons have served the church since its beginnings. Emmaus Road continues this tradition with congregational deacons. Our deacons have completed a two-year educational program called diakonia. This program includes both theological training and spiritual formation. Our deacons are: Sandy Carra, Dianne Dampman, Dave Dugan, Sherry Dugan,Debra Grassel, Ann Hashagen, Paul Hashagen, Brian LaPolla, Teresa LaPolla, Barbara Martin, Sharon Mervin, Brenda Rieder, Roy Rieder, Mary Lou Schroeder, John Stewart Sr., Kasia Trott, Bob Weisenberger and Beth Williams. Each deacon serves within our community based on their specific gifts.








  • Pastor: Lisa Jester
  • Church Administrator: Lynn Bendorovich
  • Director of Music: Joe Davey